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The postcard perfect Amalfi coast.

We based ourselves in Positano as we travelled along the Southern coastline of Italy, and it was indeed the jewel of the amalfi coast! :) It really was an incredibly beautiful and magical village nestled into the sides of cliffs along the Southern Italian coastline. The picturesque scenery of Positano is absolutely spectacular! There were lots of winding roads and steep staircases leading down to the beach, with alleys draped with vines and flowers, and nice restaurants and boutiques! Seafood and local wine is a must! and Limoncello, an Italian lemon liqueur, famous in Southern Italy, sweet but super strong!

Transport: by ferry, or SITA bus Where to eat: Casa e Bottega (organic food, salad, smothies!!) NEXT2, Da Vincenzo

Photos shot by my film camera! Enjoy the beauty of Italy!

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