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Updated: Aug 4, 2018

A P R I L 2017, we spent ten days in Finland’s Lapland to explore the winter wonderland.

We took a flight from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, well known as the home town of Santa Claus. It was like Christmas Day every day here in Rovaniemi. We stayed at a tree house hotel, it’s a dream place, and I knew I can stay here forever. We spent half a day out having fun with the reindeers and another day at an excursion at Korouoma National Park to explore the frozen waterfall. The view was magnificent, and of course we had fun setting up a fire and cook our own lunch.

Cafe recommendation: Cafe & Bar 21

After spending a few days at Rovaniemi, we took a few hours drive to Levi. We stayed at the Igloo glass houses, and waited for the aurora, (sadly no luck to the aurora because of the clouds). There were a few Husky farms around, and we went on a tour with the huskies. After the husky ride, we were told about their stories while enjoying hot tea and sausages, and we got to spend time with them and their puppies. Levi has the largest skiing resort in Finland, we had an awesome time snowboarding there, too.

It was our first trip to Finland, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and we knew we will revisit Finland again :)

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