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HELSINKI - the City of Design

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Where to go:

Papershop, Market Square, Helsinki Senate Square, Helsinki Cathedral, Uspenski Cathedral, Temppeliaukion Church

What to do: explore nordic designs and architecture, and enjoy a finnish sauna.

Where we stayed: Hotel F6x

Where to eat: Chef & Sommelier, Restaurant Olo, Juuri

And we took a day trip to Porvoo, (approx. 50 mins by bus from Helsinki) the second oldest city in Finland. It was quite a hidden gem with colourful buildings and lots to explore. The old town has an incredibly array of cafes, restaurants and boutiques, and I reckon the best way to explore this city is by wandering around the town, hop in and enjoy brunch at a cafe, shop in the boutiques, discover all these antique shops, and walked up to the white cathedral.

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