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Would love to share the stunningly beautiful scenery of Amalfi from my film camera! It is not just the beautiful landscape and great weather, but also the slow pace and passionate Italian lifestyle that makes me wana stay here forever! It is a small town with sweet white houses, endless terraces, narrow winding streets and small boutiques, very lively but crowded by tourists during the summer months! We had an enjoyable lunch at a terrace overlooking the beautiful town, and spent the afternoon stumbling upon shop after shop that sold papers, prints, locally made pottery and limoncello!

We took the bus from Amalfi to Ravello, a town high up in the cliffs. We came here for the gorgeous garden, Villa Cimbrone. It is a wonderful place to relax, with lush gardens, fountains and beautiful trees! As we walked till the end of the garden, we came to the terrace of infinity – the breathtaking panoramic view of the Mediterranean! If I had more time, I would definitely spend a night or two here, to enjoy the calmness and to try out some amazing restaurants here!

Much as we love travelling to new places, I know I will come back some day :)

Transport: by ferry, SITA bus Where to eat: Paticceria Savoia (gelato!!), La Caravella dal 1959, Da Gemma

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